Monday, April 22, 2013

Overheard in Eighth-grade Idaho History class, Nozzy Junior High School, 4th hour, 1/14/13

That's a great question, DaMykellah. It all goes back to the French fur trappers who moved through here in the 1800s.
YES, DeMar, before you ask, it will be on the test. YES, the nine weeks test AND the final. Everything will be on all the tests. Stop asking.
Most of us here in the Nozzy Valley descended from the Mormon pioneers in the 1850s and 60s, as I'm sure they told you in church. But those people weren't the only people who ever went through here. It is a free country, you know! Or it was until they elected that Kenyan Socialist as our President. Anyway. There were the Bannock and Blackfoot Indians, and there were some mountain men, and some outside women who lived with the mountain men, and there were a lot of French fur trappers down from Canada. They say there used to be whole big herds of beavers and otters, or whatever you call big groups of beavers and otters, in all the cricks around. The French trappers never liked Nozzy. They hated it here, kind of like the French people over the pass there didn't care much for Malad. Those people called Malad Malad because "malade" means sick, or dirty. They tasted the crick water over there and said, "Malad."
It was kind of like that with Nozzy. A few of the trappers ended up living here, on little farms and such. But they hated it here. They missed their crazy French food, and their WINE, and their looser French morals--said it made 'em sick to have to stay here. One way to say "sick" in French is "nausee" ["noh-ZAY"]. That means "nauseated," by the way. Americans around here said "nausee" like Nozzy. And that's why we're Nozzy, and the Nozzy Valley. Cause those French trappers were sick of being here.
Now read quietly to yourself for the rest of the hour.

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